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Physiotherapists specialize in health promotion and the treatment of injury and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They combine their in-depth knowledge of the body and how it functions with hands-on clinical skills to assess and treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability. Physiotherapists are trained to work with patients of all ages and a wide variety of health conditions. From pain management and rehabilitation from an acute injury, to the management of more chronic conditions, physiotherapy can help. Physiotherapists can also provide important education and advice for health promotion and disease and injury prevention.


Treatments are individualized to each patient, and may include: personalized rehabilitation programs to increase strength and mobility, joint mobilizations, soft tissue work, acupuncture, work and occupational re-training, prescription of orthotic devices and braces, etc. All physiotherapists at ReFresh Wellness have met national entry-level education and practice standards, and have successfully passes a standardized physiotherapy competence examination prior to being registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario.

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