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Chiropractic care is a form of conservative therapy that aims to optimize how the body functions. It is an ideal form of therapy for those seeking relief from neuromusculoskeletal issues, that is, disorders arising from the nerves, muscles, joints, and bones of the body.

Doctors of Chiropractic are primary care practitioners that are highly trained in the diagnosis and management of these conditions, and can also rule out more serious etiologies in order to refer them to the appropriate specialists. Using a combination of spinal adjustments and mobilizations, soft tissue therapies, exercise rehabilitation, and various other modalities, chiropractors help accelerate the body’s healing process, so that you can get back to functioning properly again. At ReFresh, our chiropractors spend quality time with each patient to ensure that they are getting the most out of their sessions. Through maintenance care, chiropractic treatment aims to keep your body moving properly in order to avoid future injuries and optimize your wellness.

Chiropractic treatments are available in 15, 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.

Your chiropractor will discuss the appropriate length of time that is required, depending on your injury and the amount of treatment involved.

What to expect

at your first chiropractic appointment

When you come in for your initial assessment, you will be asked to fill out an intake form, containing questions pertaining to your chief complaint and a full health history. Your chiropractor will then go through a thorough history and physical examination, with the goal of getting to the root cause of your issue(s). If you have any medical documents (i.e. x-ray or MRI reports), you may bring a copy of them with you. It is important for you chiropractor to have a complete picture of your health history and overall current health in order to determine the best treatment strategy for you. From there, your chiropractor will provide you with a working diagnosis and a plan of management that is best suited to your condition and comfort level. If further tests or imaging are required, you will be referred to the appropriate specialist. If not, your treatment plan may begin on the same day as your evaluation. If possible, wear clothes that you can move comfortably in and which will allow access to the area of complaint. You should expect to be in the clinic for one hour for your initial examination.

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